Aston Martin Vantage

The new Vantage has only just been released so you won’t get your hands on this motor for a while, however, it’s important to familiarise yourself with new models if you work in the motor trade industry. The Vantage is designed to go to Le Mans, and many of their owners will probably want to drive their new Aston Martin Vantage like they themselves are competing in the famous race, so it might be worth stocking up on a few extra Aston Martin products for your customers. If you are in the motor trade industry, then you’ll probably be looking forward to seeing the new Vantage up close and personal…we know we are!

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is probably one of the more recognisable and common supercars on our roads – well, common for a super car anyway! This means that if you deal with high value vehicles as part of your activities in the motor trade industry, you may have come across a fair few in your career – so hopefully you will be familiar with the product itself and all that’s involved with a Porsche 911. This is because, as someone who works with a premium motor, it’s important to know the product intricately, as it can help build trust between the trader and the customer.

Nissan GT-R

When it comes to supercars, the Nissan GT-R is also a more readily available one, which is probably due in part to its favourable price tag, though any motor traders that have come across this car, will more than likely say that it matches up with its more prestige competitors. If you’re working on high powered and expensive cars such as this, then you’re really going to want a good Motor Trade insurance policy so that you are covered for high value vehicles and products. Don’t forget, never be tempted not to disclose the type of vehicles you work with, as when you’re found out, this can result in your insurance policy being cancelled and made void, and your insurer can refuse to pay out if you’ve made a claim, leaving you to foot the bill yourself.

Lexus LC500

As a motor trader who operates with upscale cars, you might be familiar with Lexus already. However, this particular motor retails at around £75k, and although your Motor Trade insurance policy should reflect your customer base of prestige car owners, it still might not be the right policy to handle something as fast as a Lexus LC500. It’s important to have the right Motor Trade insurance cover for the cars you deal with, because if you do not have sufficient cover it might be the equivalent of not being insured at all – which of course would be illegal if you drove on UK roads.

Mercedes-AMG GT S

When it comes to prestige, high-powered motors there’s not many that can rival the Mercedes-AMG GT S with its iconic retro styling and 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 engine - it’s one that’s going to rival the new Aston Martin Vantage. If you’re a motor trader that exclusively deals with Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG and Maybach cars, then you are probably waiting for the day you get your hands on a Mercedes-AMG GT S. The Motor insurance on a Mercedes-AMG GT S is probably eye watering, but as someone in the motor trade industry you would of course have a Motor Trade insurance policy to cover you.


It doesn’t matter what type of product or what type of motor you work with, as someone who owns a business in the motor trade industry, the most important thing is that you have the right Motor Trade insurance policy. When you work with cars like the ones listed above, it’s incredibly important to make sure you have the right cover, otherwise, you could find yourself very out-of-pocket if the worse were to happen, due to the price tags associated with these cars and the parts they are made from, which means you need to make sure you find a reputable Motor Trade insurance broker to make sure you’re properly covered.